Easton FD busy as snow melts

As we all know, Easton had a lot of snow this winter. Those massive white drifts translated into some busy weeks for the Fire Department as melting snow flooded numerous basements. On March 7th alone the EFD responded to 10 separate locations to pump out flooded basements. On that day firefighters and apparatus responded simultaneously to as many as three locations. The last call of the day was for a potentially serious motor vehicle accident. It came hard on the heels of several pump out calls.

This illustrates a key point: We will always do our best to respond to citizens in need. But we have to prioritize. There will always be limits on how many pumps and firefighters we have available. We simply are not able to respond to every pump out call. And when we do respond we may have to depart in a hurry leaving the job unfinished.

We ask that you  look at the results of this winter and consider installing appropriate water control systems where necessary. Doing so will go far toward protecting your home. A pre-installed solution can often keep up with incoming water, preventing water levels that can cause serious damage. This is certainly a case where an ounce of prevention can be worth gallons of cure. We will always do our utmost to answer every call for help. But when we get inundated we won't be able to help everyone as quickly as we'd like. Help protect yourself and your neighbors by installing a system that can control or prevent basement flooding.