An updated website for EVFC #1

We have a new Website! It is implemented on a current web platform. The look is modern and the platform takes care of security updates and maintenance. It should be much easier to update than the preceding site and perform better on mobile devices. Look it over and let the webmaster know what you think! 

Here are the boring semi-technical details :-)

The EVFC website has gone through a number of transitions. This is to be expected given the ever-changing nature of the medium.

If I recall correctly the site was originally composed using Microsoft Office Front Page extensions. From there we moved it to a straight HTML/CSS site using Dreamweaver. The next version was implemented under the content management system Drupal 6. All these sites were hosted on commercial hosting providers. After a disastrous Drupal 6 hack destroyed our inadequately backed up site I took the opportunity to move everything to Drupal 7 on a virtual host under my direct control. This allowed me to back up the host machine (a Linux VM) in total at will, a very nice capability to have.

Unfortunately any web platform needs constant updating to keep up with security issues and stay current. As much as I'd like to play with Drupal 8, that migration doesn't make sense. My time is limited - I don't have time to hack away at D8, and I wouldn't have time to maintain the infrastructure properly - updates applied, security threats monitored, etc. We needed somebody else to do all that. Furthermore I wanted something that was easier to interact with without extensive configuration and tweaking on my part. Thus it made sense to explore the new "easy to use" web platforms and see if one of them fit the bill. Hopefully my choice works out.